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Green buildings are becoming more popular around the world due to increasing awareness of the importance of sustainable infrastructure. It is also projected that a focus on green buildings will be immensely profitable, as well, resulting in greater incentive for sustainability. 

As an aspiring green city, Eko Atlantic is in development with sustainability and environmental concerns in mind. A promising step toward claiming this title comes after receiving its first EDGE certification. By earning this certification, Eko Atlantic promotes the inclusion of green buildings and other sustainable projects in Nigeria as well as the rest of Africa.


What Is the EDGE Certification?

Awarded by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the EDGE certification is granted to buildings that uphold certain standards of sustainability, namely in regards to efficient resource management. Buildings with EDGE certification have been acknowledged to be cost-effective and sustainable, primarily in terms of water and energy-saving practices.

The IFC started this program to promote greater incentives to developers and promote more sustainable approaches to building projects. With the EDGE certification, designers and developers are encouraged to design buildings that have a limited carbon footprint, demonstrate cost-effective practices, and generally represent the financial and environmental benefits of sustainable buildings. So far, more than 50,000 homes have been EDGE certified, and more than 16 million square meters of floor space have been registered for certification.


Alpha1 Towers

Eko Atlantic’s flagship office building, Alpha1 Towers, is the first structure in the city to obtain the EDGE certification. In accordance with IFC criteria, Alpha1 Towers was constructed based on a design that utilized 20% less resource intensity in energy, water, and embodied energy in materials. As with many of the Chagoury Group’s involvements, Eko Atlantic has been designed and developed with the future in mind, and Alpha1 Towers’ EDGE certification further demonstrates how this project will be geared toward a sustainable and prosperous future.


Eko Atlantic earned its first EDGE certification in February 2020. This certification for Alpha1 Towers marks the beginning of Eko Atlantic’s recognition as a green city that is designed to operate for a sustainable future.