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Though Eko Atlantic is one of the Chagoury Group’s most prominent projects today, other notable initiatives include the Eko Hotel’s shift toward sustainable practices. It is the first hospitality outfit in Nigeria to make such a significant change toward more eco-friendly approaches to business. This shift was made after hotel executives came to an agreement regarding the immediate threats to the local and global environment.


Eko Hotel is determined to make positive changes for a more sustainable future. This decision comes alongside an acknowledgement that the hotel must demonstrate a degree of responsibility to its surrounding community, employees, guests, and future generations. In order to fulfill this responsibility, Eko Hotel aims to cultivate and maintain a healthier, more sustainable space. Though this initiative began in the spring of 2019, Eko Hotel continues to aspire to adopt more sustainable practices and values in order to promote the preservation of the environment.


On the topic of eco-friendly practices within the hotel, chairman Christopher Chagoury expressed that sustainability is at the heart of the business, making it essential to actively provide healthy approaches to business. Since the hotel hosts roughly 500,000 guests each year, the hotel feels it should provide to them a greener lifestyle and show the importance and benefits of such practices in a business model.


This initiative was launched through the Eco Friendly Arts competition which encourages participating students to create art that reflects nature as well as ideas of a sustainable society. The competition was hosted on April 22, 2019, a date globally recognized as Earth Day.


In order to uphold sustainable values and follow through on this green initiative, Eko Hotel staff has undergone new training to educate them on sustainable practices as well as the impact of such behaviors on the environment. Beyond this re-orientation, Eko Hotel also quickly made an effort to update its operations. From integrating water conservation practices and replacing disposable utensils with biodegradable options to providing educational services to children regarding the need for a reduced carbon footprint, Eko Hotel strives to make a lasting difference not only in its individual practices but also in the world at large.