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Much like the rest of the world, Nigeria has taken a hit from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While the impact of the pandemic has not been quite as severe as some experts feared, the crisis continues to impact healthcare, infrastructure, and the lives of millions.


Efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus have been moderately successful, limiting the influx of new cases. Restrictions on large gatherings and travel, social distancing protocol, and a push for remote work when possible from the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control have all contributed to a slowed spread.


The nation’s largest state, Lagos, claims a vast majority of the positive cases in Nigeria, exceeding 20,000 in total. Earlier in the year, Lagos was considered the “epicenter” for the virus in Nigeria because it had a higher number of confirmed cases. As Nigeria’s most populous city, Lagos has been at risk for more cases and more challenges to contain the spread. With so many positive cases, healthcare workers and hospitals have been working hard to help patients and keep the public safe.


In April, Nigerian-Lebanese businessmen and philanthropists Gilbert and Ronald Chagoury contributed N1 billion to the Lagos State Government’s COVID-19 relief efforts. At the time, this was the largest single donation the government had received. Brothers Ronald and Gilbert have often touted their love of Lagos, invoking its indigenous name Eko in their ambitious projects like the Eko Hotel and Eko Atlantic City, and this donation came at a time when this support was needed.


Additionally, through the Eko Hotel, the Chagoury brothers have been providing meals to 300 healthcare workers on a daily basis. They launched this initiative in an effort to display appreciation and support for the health workers who have been at the forefront of the pandemic and have been working tirelessly to serve the public.


In line with previous philanthropic activities, the Chagoury brothers chose not to publicize their initiative to feed health workers. Their generous donation to the Lagos State Government, as well as their efforts to support and sustain health workers, comes from a place of goodwill and corporate social responsibility as the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in Lagos continues.